Gambling Law Confusion?

Friendly game of poker or illegal game room? Online fun or unlawful gambling device? During my career as a defense attorney, I've seen the lines blurred and lives ruined. What does the law say? Engaging in organized crime is a felony, and is based on the theory that three or more persons are working together to engage in gambling that violates the law. Many cases originate from “game rooms” or what some people call ‘internet café’s’ but some also originate from convenience stores and gas stations which have small gaming parlors inside or in the back room.

Most of these offenses and cases can be divided into two types:

1) Engaging in organized crime.  

2) Simple illegal gambling, possession of an illegal gambling device, or operating a game room.

It is often accompanied by money laundering charges and almost always accompanies a seizure of cash, cars, computer ‘mother boards’ from the games themselves, and almost anything else of value that the police can carry off. These cases are complicated to defend and require experienced counsel. Illegal gambling or possession of a gambling device charges are misdemeanors and normally are brought against game room operators or workers. Often times they are the result of undercover investigations. Whatever the definition, it's important to know the law and be careful when it comes to gambling. An experienced attorney specializing in gaming law can help navigate these complicated issues.