Facing an Indictment? How a Federal Drug Defense Attorney Can Help

The US government takes drug charges very seriously. A charge at the federal level can be particularly harsh. Significant fines and serious time behind bars await those who face conviction. 

Federal drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences. So facing a federal indictment can feel crushing to your future. Depending on the type and quantity of drug possessed, you could see a minimum of five to ten years behind bars. 

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Jake Steven

The Supreme Court has just ruled, in what I’m sure will be remembered as a landmark decision, that the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act” is unconstitutional. This allows states to make their own laws concerning online gambling. What impact does this have on Texas and the rest of the country?

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Synthetic Drug Law Changes

Recently I have been asked to consult with several families who have loved ones who have been convicted and incarcerated for Federal Criminal offenses involving synthetic controlled substances, specifically synthetic marijuana or cannabinoids, commonly known as ‘Kush’..

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