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Federal Criminal charges are serious business.  Anyone facing Federal Criminal charges should seek legal help from a firm specializing in Federal Criminal Law.  The Mays Firm has the experience and knowledge to defend the rights of those facing Federal Criminal charges.

For over 15 years, Attorney Nathan J. Mays has built a reputation as one of the top Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers in the state of Texas.   Extensive trial experience and a thorough understanding of Federal Criminal Law make Nathan J. Mays unique among Texas attorneys.

Our firm has successfully defended clients facing a wide range of Federal Criminal Charges including Gambling, Online Wagering, Federal Gaming Laws, Medical Fraud, Wire Fraud, Federal Drug Conspiracy, and Synthetic Cannabinoids. 

These are just a few of the cases we specialize in defending.  If you or a loved one is facing charges, contact our firm immediately for expert legal help.

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A Houston Based Criminal Defense Attorney Ready To Take The Bull By The Horns. 

Be The Horns.

Be The Horns.

Amazing trial lawyer who cares about his clients. Don’t take a chance on who represents you. We had to lose three lawyers to find the right one.

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